Excel VBA Macro Workshop Chennai

Excel VBA Macros Workshop Content
Date: May 18th & 19th  2019
Timing : 9:30AM - 5:30PM

  • Introducing the VBA Editor
  • Recording Macros in Excel
  • Running Macros in Excel (Shortcut Keys, Menu, Toolbar)
  • Understanding the syntax of VBA
  • Using Variables in Visual Basic
  • Commenting your work
  • Introducing Objects, Properties, Methods
  • The Range Object
  • Use the Cells Property, Offset Property

  • Using Variables in the For Statement
  • Variations on the For...Next Loop
  • Exiting a Loop Early After a Condition Is Met
  • Nesting One Loop Inside Another Loop
  • VBA Loop: For Each
  • VBA Loop : Do Loops
  • Flow Control: Using If...Then...Else
  • Flow Control: Using Select Case
  • Using the Msgbox

  • Using the Inputbox
  • Creating and using a user-defined function
  • Enabling Events
  • Workbook Events
  • Worksheet Events
  • Creating User Forms
  • Using Form controls
  • Debugging and Error Handling
  • Excel Macro Project

Training Benefits
  • Complete Practice based training with 20+ Practice Files
  • Excel eManual, ExcelProdigy's Practice Kit, Certificate, & Extensive Automation Knowledge in VBA Macros

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